2011 HYSTER 4500LBS


Status: Used
Internal Reference: 5642142-sh2063
Model: N45ZR-16.5
Lot/Serial Number: C264N02958J
Year: a confirmer
Capacity: 4500
Mast: 3 sections
Max Lifting Height: 212.0
Lowered Mast Height: 94.0
Hyd. Functions: 1
Cabin: NON
Type: Rétractable
Length: 73.5
Width: 53.5
Operator Roof Height: 94.0
Forks length: 42
Charger input voltage: 600V
Attachment: Mouv. Latéral
Sous-type de chariot: Simple ciseaux
Battery type: Plomb et acide
Battery voltage: 36V


Techlift Sherbrooke

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