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Our best-selling electric HELI models

Pallet Trucks

Capacity: 3,300 to 4,500 pounds

Le transpalette électrique est l’équipement incontournable pour le transport de palettes sur de longues distances. Il est idéal pour le chargement et le déchargement des camions lors de la réception ou de l’expédition de commandes.

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Narrow Aisle

Capacity: 3,500 to 4,000 pounds

The electric narrow aisle forklift is perfect for handling in tight spaces. It can even manoeuvre in aisles less than 10 ft wide while offering high lifting capacity.

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Chariot Li-ion


Capacity: 4,000 to 7,000 pounds

Counterbalanced forklifts can always be found in warehouses because of their versatility for loading and unloading freight, transporting in aisles and stacking pallets in warehouse spaces.

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HELI forklifts

HELI lifts owe their growing popularity to a design that’s perfectly suited to the constraints of the Quebec and Canadian markets. No task is too tough, even in winter!
HELI is also the only manufacturer to offer a comprehensive range of fully electric forklifts and handling equipment using Li-ion batteries.

Whether you prefer gas or green power, there’s a HELI lift for you!

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Heli Canada


Established in 1998, Combilift offers a wide range of specialized, custom-made products that help companies optimize their storage space and material handling in more than 85 countries. The design and multi-directional capabilities of these products make handling long loads safer and more efficient. Each purchase of Combilift products also includes a personalized collaboration with our clients to optimize and maximize their storage space and to meet their unique material handling needs.

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Aisle Master

Optimizing your warehouse


Aisle Master forklifts offer unparalleled gains in your storage space. With its articulated mast, clients who have chosen AM forklifts have been able to reduce their aisles to 5 feet and 6 inches in width. With the collaboration of our team and the logistics experts at Combilift, the reduction in material handling space required by Aisle Master forklifts increases storage capacity by at least 25% without the need for costly move or expansion.

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Load Lifter

Load Lifter lifts

Equipped with four-wheel drive, Load Lifter forklifts excel at handling tasks in difficult environments. They are prized for their reliability in the construction, mining, agriculture, wood and forestry sectors as well as in industrial activities on difficult terrain.

Put them to the test and see!

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With our HELI, Combilift and Aisle Master models, your operators get reliable, ergonomic and safe lifts at the best value for money. Increase your warehouse productivity while lowering your operating costs!

Why choose Techlift forklifts?

• A wide variety of models for a range of industries
Whatever your handling needs, we have the lift for you! Classic counterbalanced, rough terrain, narrow aisle or pallet truck: our models have the technical features for even the most specific applications. And all offering optimal safety!

• One of the largest inventories of new lifts in Quebec 
We have more than 1,700 lifts in our warehouses. This is how we provide you with the right equipment when you need it, wherever you are in Quebec.

• Pioneering green technology
We are the exclusive distributor of HELI Canada, which has the widest range of electric forklifts and handling equipment. Powered by a latest-generation lithium-ion battery, these models provide emission-free handling with minimal mechanical maintenance.

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