Do you need to adapt your forklifts for a job?

We have the attachments to make your handling equipment more versatile.

Greater manoeuvrability, enhanced lifting capacity, better grip on freight: the right attachments will boost the efficiency of your work!

No matter how specific your logistics or handling needs, we are here to advise you on the attachment that will make all the difference. We have one of the largest inventories in Quebec, so we can quickly deliver forks, fork extensions, clamps, rotators, hoppers, sweepers and other attachments.


Emily Clean

Emily Clean

The practical and fully autonomous tool to keep your warehouses clean

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TechClean, la Balayeuse manuelle

Do you prefer a manual sweeper for optimal cleaning at your store or small warehouse? Suitable for both narrow aisles and larger surfaces, this sweeper gets the job done, no matter what needs to be picked up.

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Attachment LDSJ


The best value for money on the market

Distributor of forklifts designed for Canadian warehouses, HELI Canada offers a wide range of attachments (LDSJ) for electric handling equipment. We have all the attachments you need to increase efficiency and stay on budget!

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Cascade attachment


The world leader in warehouse equipment attachments

CASCADE offers a wide range of high-quality attachments compatible with most forklift brands to push, pull, grip, lift, move sideways and pivot almost any type of load.

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Bolzoni Auramo


High quality products for industrial handling
BOLZONI AURAMO has unique expertise in equipment for forklifts, forks and lift tables. Its range has had a reputation for reliability and quality for over 20 years.

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DUSTBANE offers a comprehensive range of floor scrubbers and sweepers for a simplified cleaning process. Its durable products are both robust and environmentally friendly.

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