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IC counterbalanced forklift - Pneumatic 

Product name: CPYD25-KU1H ou M1H
The classic for indoor/outdoor operations. Our "5000 lbs" are the best companion for all forklift operators. 
Kubota or Mitsubishi engine available.
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IC counterbalanced forklift / Cushion

PROMOTION  27 495$

Product name: CPD35 - G3GE2DLI
Straight from the HELI Canada warehouses, they'll be your constant ally.  
Kubota engine available.
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Rough Terrain 4x4 
PROMOTION  67 500$

Product name: CPCD35-KU5Y4G3 
 This is no ordinary pneumatic forklift. Here's HELI's vision of a high-performance 4x4.

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Electric Pallet truck 

Product name: CBD15J-LI3
The LI3 ensures effortless productivity, as it is totally electric.  Its LITHIUM battery recharges in just 2 hours.

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Walkie pallet truck 

Product name: CBD20J
This compact vehicle is ideal for a wide range of indoor applications.

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Manual sweeper for industrial use

Product name: TechClean MS50F
The TechClean hand sweeper is designed to clean hard floors such as concrete, tiles, wood, etc.

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Indoor forklift sweeper collector

Forklift indoor sweeper collector without connection (neither hydraulic, nor electric)

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Scissors lifts

Product name: JS0607E
Extremely multi-purpose, the HELI scissors can be used for many types of work, such as building maintenance, renovations, construction and the installation of electrical systems.

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Class VI and V and specialized uses

Narrow aisle forklift

Product name: CQD18X1-GB2RLi
The Heli narrow-aisle reach truck is designed for efficiency, safety and ergonomics. Unique features allow you to design the most efficient machine for your business.

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3 wheels Electric forklift

Product name: CPD15/16/18/20SQ
 HELI Three wheels forklift provide a tighter turning radius, ideal for narrow interior shelving and narrow aisles.
The lithium battery gives you peace of mind, as it requires no maintenance.
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Lithium Forklift

Product name: CPD35-GB2Li-M
This powerful forklift features a lithium battery for continuous high-level operation and productivity. This type of "energy" minimizes maintenance and its short recharging period means you can use the truck to its full potential at all times.

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Multidirectional forklifts

Product name: Combi-CBE 6000
Combi-CBE 6000 is a multidirectional forklift designed for the safe handling of long loads pallets.

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Order picker

Product name: Aisle Master 44WE-op
Store 50% more with the Aisle-Master order picker. When your company is faced with a lack of space, you generally have two options: either expand your current warehouse, or acquire a new Aisle-Master order picker.

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Class VII Forklift

Rough terrain Load lifter

Product name: 2200-2400 G SERIES
Load Lifter, through Techlift, offers you a powerful forklift that delivers high performance in lumber yards and other industries where capacities from 6,000 to 12,000 lbs are required.  
Unlike some competitor models, it features a fully component-based drive train, making it easy to maintain each component. This feature is standard on all Load Lifter rough-terrain forklifts.

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